Notebook Software – How to Download

Look for this icon




This programs is required to view notebook files used in class on the SMART Board. 


1.   Get a Product Key from Mr. Wigger so that the software won’t expire in 30 days.


2.   Next, download the Notebook Software to your computer from this link:


The first software product you will see on that page is Notebook, and it will have the same icon you see at the top left of this page.  Click on “Choose a Version” and select Windows or MAC, then follow their directions.


3.   After you have successfully downloaded the “Notebook” software, whenever you click on one of my links that take you to a file I have used in class, it will open up your notebook software automatically if you choose “download” when given the option.  If the file extension after downloading is “zip”, change “zip” to “notebook”.