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Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemistry

First Day Forms & Sites

●     Out Textbook on-line - on Glencoe's website (user name - cmc2007, password W20uYiup) Visit Site
●     On-Line Practice quizzes on Glencoe's website - all sections of all chapters Visit Site
●     Science Notebook (PDF) Visit Site

Free Professional Sites

  ● PCCL - a free site with interactive questions, animations, and labs for many chemistry subjects. Visit Site

Helpful Study Sites

●     Flash Cards for free - at Flash Card Machine Visit Site

Other Textbook/Teacher Websites

●     WW Norton's College Chemistry has over 100 of the greatest tutorials I've ever seen. Each chapter has several animated Chemtours. This link takes you to Ch 2 of that text. Many of their chapters apply to our course. Visit Site
●     Chemistry 8th Edition / Chang - Good interactive stuff & animations (Glencoe) Visit Site
●     ChemThink - interactive free site with interactive tutorials and question sets. You need to see me to be able to use this one. EXCELLENT Visit Site
●     University of Colorado interactive simulations for science (PhET) Visit Site
●     Classzone from McDougal Little has lots of animations covering most of the subjects we study in our course. Visit Site
●     ChemTeam - from Diamond Bar High - main menu to tutorials etc Visit Site
●     Mr. Guch's High School "Cavalcade o'Chemistry website Visit Site
● Mr. Kent's Chemistry Site. Excellent on all subjects, as he teaches High School and does videos, tutorials, etc like I do. Check him out on any subject and get another point of view. His videos are almost profesional in quality.  Visit Site
● The KhanAcademy is a series of very well done videos (professional) that cover math, science, and a several other topics. This link takes you to his index on YouTube for Chemistry. If he has a vid on a subject you are having trouble with, it may help a lot.  Visit Site
  ● Mark Rosengarten has done over 20 videos putting chemistry concepts into song, plus many more tutorials that are done very well!!!!!!! He's really into visuals. Visit Site
  ●   The Education Portal is a free on-line course in High School Chemistry. It appears to be excellent. I also has bunches of videos that are very well done and organized by subject. This would be a great source to help yourself through difficulties!!! Visit Site
  ●   Kent Chemistry - teacher's website with great animations and videos Visit Site
Dr. Greembowe - University of Oregon. Amazing demonstrations of various chemistry labs Visit Site
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