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Standard Forms

A - Notebook - Reminder101 - Grades
●     Register for Reminder - how to   

Notebook Cover - Template (may take a long time to download, patience).   
Notebook - Organization. Has links for all contracts you need.   
A-Z Homework Directions
These directions must be followed for all homework this year except when I give you different directions   
B - Conversion & Density
Conversion Units of Measure   
Grams to Moles to Atoms - handwritten    
Grams to Moles to Atoms - comprehensive   
Conversion Units & Prefixes (BIGGER)   
C - Orbitals, PEL, Periodic Table
Orbitals on Periodic Chart w order of filling chart   
How Electrons fill Orbitals and their Sublevels   
How Electrons Fill Sublevels and their Orbitals   
Orbital Diagram chart - large demo version.   
Principal Energy Level organization - upside-down triangle   
PEL Table - summary of organization   
Orbital Filling Diagram Chart - helps figure Orbital Diagrams and Electron Configurations (from Taylorson).   
Periodic Chart - Standard Type   
Alpha Listing of Elements   
D - Ion Stuff
Ion Names & Formulas (all)   
Ions & Acids to Memorize   
Ions & Acids to memorize - HELP sheet   
Ion Formation - Na, Cl & H   
Solubility Chart - for common ionic compounds   
Solubility Chart - SIMPLIFIED   
Reaction Types (abbreviations) + AB def.   
E - Miscellaneous
Electronegativity & Bond Types (note: PDF is higher quality)   
Heating Curve for Water - Changes of State (note: PDF is much higher quality)   
Science Notebook   
Solving Problems - A Chemistry Handbook   
Textbook on-line - NO LONGER AVAILABLE    
Textbook THIS WORKS! The assessments for each chapter are part of the last section of each chapter. However, the Appendices, Glossary, and Index are not included. Click here    
LeChatelier format for solving shift problems   
G - Discipline
Sentences - simple discipline   
Parent Letter - HW NOT DONE   
Ha - For credit on Make-up HW that was Stamped
Watch video on printing Stamped/Turned in Rpt - Make-ups   
Hb - For credit on Make-up HW in Gradebook
Print & complete if Grades Posted Wrong in gradebook or if turning in make-up work in gradebook.   
Z-ChemThink (Simbucket)
ChemThink - If you have trouble getting into ChemThink, click this link.   
ZZ - Google Classroom
This has everything you need to know about turning in assignments of any kind to Google Classroom   
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