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Master Index for Chemistry HomeWork Fall 2007

Welcome to Chemistry! As a student of chemistry you will be working with MATH! Does that scare you? Don’t let it. We will be working together so that any of you who really want to, will be able to do the math AND understand the chemistry. We will do it in a fun way. You have an excellent textbook full of examples and practice problems. You will also have the advantage of the resources from the WEB that I have found to be useful over the last 4 years. You will see these resources under the “Web Helps” link on my home page. You will see them under Chapter 2, (Measurements and Calculations). For now, hold on to your seat. We will waste no time getting going!

This first day your background materials will come mostly from the web and my lectures. You will not receive a textbook to take home with you until the second day of class. YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER WITH A PRINTER and be able to access the internet. If you do not have those tools, YOU MUST DO ONE OF THESE THREE THINGS:

  1. Come to our classroom in the morning, at break, or after school to get what you will need from the internet using our classroom computers. Homework and materials you will have to print are on my web site!
  2. Visit a library every day to get what you need.
  3. Make 2 or more friends in this class who have both a computer and printer, and share their computer.
You will get all assignments on-line and are personally responsible for them. is where you will find excellent background material on the subjects we will be studying. Each week’s homework page has a summary chart at the top. That will give you how many school days we have had so far, chapter & chapter section numbers we are studying each day, the days homework assignment and what we will be doing in class each day.


You need to make at least 2 friends in this class. Get your friends’ phone numbers and meet with them after school at least once a week. Help each other in understanding the material as we go. Each week we will usually have a quiz or test. We will have labs almost every week. Chemistry builds from the very first day through the last day in June. It must be learned “as you go”, not the night before the final!!!

Know at least one reason why Chemistry is important to your life.
Here is a great link showing one really great reason to learn Chemistry: Why learn Chemistry? This is a large file (4 MB) and will take a little while to download. I recommend printing it before you try to read it.

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