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Recommended Downloads

Whiteboards & Lesson Index
This link will take you to an index of links to all Whiteboards for the year 2016-2017. These files are in PDF format.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Start out by clicking Free Acrobat Reader . Scroll down to Step 1. Click on “Choose a platform” drop-down menu and choose the operating system you have. Next, choose your “Connection Speed”. After you have chosen everything in Step 1, Step 2 will open up. Now all you have to do is find the red box in the lower left hand corner of the “Step 2” box that says “download”. Either direct the download to your own download directory or the desktop. After the download is finished, you must open the file by double clicking on it. It will self-install. Follow the direction and enjoy the use of Acrobat Reader for all PDF documents you see on the web.
Flash Player
Vital player to view movies and other media content
Java Player
Download this to get the benefits of Java
To be able to view SMART Board capable Notebook files - you will need to install the Notebook Software on your computer, follow the instructions given at this link. You will need to get the product code from Mr. Wigger.
Shockwave Player
Get the Shockwave Player for your viewing enjoyment
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