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Chapter 7: The Elements

7.1 Properties of the s-Block elements
representative elements – diagonal relationships
Group 1A: Alkali Metals
hydrogen, lithium, sodium and potassium, other alkali metals
Group 2A: Alkaline Earth Metals
beryllium, calcium, magnesium, uses of other alkaline earth metals

7.2 Properties of p-Block elements

Group 3A: boron group
boron, aluminum, gallium
Group 4A: carbon group
carbon ( allotropes ), silicon, lead and tin, mineral, ore
Group 5A: nitrogen group
nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony and bismuth
Group 6A: oxygen group
oxygen, sulfur, selenium
Group 7A: Halogens
fluorine, chlorine, bromine and Iodine, Priestley
Group 8A: Noble Gases
helium, neon, argon and krypton

7.3 Properties of the d-Block and f-Block elements

transition metals
formation of ions (usually 2+ ), magnetism and metals, sources, uses
inner transition metals
Lanthanide series, Actinide series, metallurgy, ferromagnetism

Section 7.1 Properties of s-Block Elements
Section 7.2 Properties of p-Block Elements
Section 7.3 Properties of d-Block Elements
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