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Chapter 3: Matter - Properties and Change

Section 3.1
1. Identify the characteristics of a substance.
2. Distinguish between physical and chemical properties.
3. Differentiate among the physical states of matter.

Section 3.2
1. Define physical change and list several common physical changes.
2. Define chemical change and list several indications that a chemical change has taken place.
3. Apply the law of conservation of mass to chemical restrictions.

Section 3.3
1. Contrast mixtures and substances.
2. Classify mixtures as homogeneous or heterogeneous.
3. List and describe several techniques used to separate mixtures.

Section 3.4
1. Distinguish between elements and compounts.
2. Describe the organization of elements on the periodic table.
3. Explain how all compounds obey the laws of definite and multiple proportions.

Section 3.1 Properties of Matter
Section 3.2 Changes in Matter
Section 3.3 Mixtures of Matter
Section 3.4 Elements and Compounds
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