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Ask Mr. Wigger – Thread Creation & Index List

Welcome to the forum page for Ask Mr. Wigger. Everyone can view questions from students and answers from teacher of fellow students. However, to ask questions, you'll need to log in. Be smart, and use this tool whenever you have questions about homework, or when you are preparing for tests and quizzes.


Your USER NAME is constructed as follows:     first is the number of the period you have chemistry (summer school is 0 - zero period) followed by a dash. Next is your last name, followed by a dash, followed by the first initial of your first name.
Your PASSWORD is the same password you use to check your grades on-line.

Log In Example:    
If your name is David Jones and you are in Period 2, your USER NAME would be 2-jones-d .  
Your PASSWORD is the same password you use to check your grades. All lower case! No capitals! There are no spaces. Use first initial of your first name. Next is the first initial of your last name. Finally is the last four digits of your student ID number. So, if David Jones had a student ID ending in 1234, his password would be dj1234. You may change your password for "Ask Mr. Wigger" at any time.

Make good use of this resource. M-Th I will be on-line and live with you to answer your questions from 7:30pm to 8:00pm. I will answer questions posted at other times as soon as possible, but during my "office hours" I will usually answer questions quickly.
            --------------- Mr. Wigger
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