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Chapter 8: Ionic Compounds


●     Video showing Na metal dropped into flask full of Cl2 to form NaCl. Short, but not real exciting. Visit Site
●     Khan Academy video showing ion formation, and ionization energy Visit Site
    ●     Ionic & Covalent Bonding - a Bill Nye parody. Student project actually done very well ! Both fun and instructive Visit Site
●   Cl2 gas created with KMnO4 and HCl. Next, Na dropped into flask where gas made. Good exp. Visit Site
●   Cl2 generated using Cl2 pool pellets & HCl. Then Na dropped into flask. Explains beautifully & shows different tries to improve!!!! Visit Site

Ch 8.4 Metallic Bonds & Prop of Metals

●     Princess Bride sword fight scene. You hear carbon-hardened steel-against-steel sounds.  Visit Site


●     Video of a short lecture explaining Lattice Energy (0 min - 4:30), ionization energy (7:15 - 9:15), and electron affinity (9:15 - 9:53) Visit Site

SMART BOARD Appropriate

●     Build Ionic Compounds and Build Covalent Compounds & Name them. Interactive quizzes (McGraw-Hill) Visit Site
●     Electron dot (Lewis Structures) with 3 or more atoms. Who's in center. Interactive tutorial. (McGraw-Hill) Visit Site
●     Ionic & Covalent bonding shown in interactive Notebook file Visit Site
●     How to build ionic formulas. Short quiz at end. Interactive Notebook file. Visit Site
●     Ionic Compounds in water. Easy download of simulator. Change concentrations and Ksp are all interactive and you get to decide. (PhET) Visit Site
●     Ionic Bonding Tutorial (interactive) - PBS LM adapted from ChemThink. Requires Internet Explorer browser and Java must allow website. Visit Site
●     Covalent Bonding - from PBS LM, adapted from ChemThink. Requires Internet Explorer browser and Java must allow the website. Visit Site

Wigger Vids

    ●     Bonding - Intro to Ch 8 showing how to prep flash cards and the Introduction for Tutorial for Ch 8 Visit Site
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