Report of Grades Posted Wrong



Print this form.  If Mr. Wigger has posted any assignment incorrectly, fill in the form below and turn it in to Mr. Wigger.  You must also attach the missing or incorrectly posted assignment showing the correct points that should be posted and why.



Name: _________________________________________


Date this form was given to Mr. Wigger: ________________


Period: __________


Assignment’s Name:  __________________________   


Assignment’s date  in Gradebook:  ______________________


Assignment’s Number in Gradebook: _______


Score was posted:  __________________   Score Should be:  ____________


What do you believe the problem is with the posting?  _____________________








Mr. Wigger’s comments:


      Points changed to : _________       New overall grade:  ________ / __________

                                                            New overall % ____________


      Points not changed.  Reason:


                        Stamp sheet original count was correct.


                        Other: _____________________________________________________