Grades – How to Figure between internet postings



I try to post grades every week, but sometimes I get behind.  That is usually when you want to know your grade the most! 


Here is what you do.




Let’s say your grade was a C (75%) the last time I posted grades.  Your point total was 375/500.  Since the last posting where was a test.  You got 90 out of 100 on that test.



last posted                        total on

point total           +            test                      +  …

-------------------------------------------------------------------    x    100  =  new %

last posted                        points possible

possible points      +         on test                 +  …





375    +   90

---------------  x   100  =     77.5%

500    +  100


 If you have any other scores, continue to add the points earned to the top and the points possible to the bottom for as many assignments as you have.