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Chapter 3: Matter - Properties and Change

Dictionary Definitions

●     Law of Multiple Proportions Visit Site
●     Hydrologic- Water Cycle - demonstrating physical changes in nature Visit Site
●     Water dimer animation - hydrogen bonding Visit Site


●     Element, Compound, mix (molecular level w MDL models you can rotate)- Applets USC Visit Site
●     Chromatography - background and types Visit Site


● On-line quiz w answers (10 questions) from Math & Sci Act Ctr Visit Site
● Short interactive lesson, followed by 7 questions w ans & explanations. Click box in top left of screen to get started. Visit Site

States of Matter

●     Animation of States of Matter (Visionlearning) Visit Site
●     Liquid N2 poured into erlenmeyer flask, then long rubber tube put down into the nitrogen. It comes out other end of tube and condenses water from air around it as it exits Visit Site
● Animation showing 3 states of matter. Pretty nice because you see temp, macro and nano views of water as it changes. Visit Site
  ●   3 states of matter using NaCl from USC Visit Site

Wigger Vids

●     Methane ( CH4 ) and oxygen produce water and carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) . This demonstration shows water condense on outside of a pan be heated on a gas stove Visit Site
●     A dilute solutin of phenol red is distilled using an 250 mL flask, hot plate to heat the solution, and collecting distilled water in 250 mL beaker. The condensing unit has a water jacket to cool down the steam so the less of the condensed water is lost to the atmosphere. Visit Site
●     Copper is subjected to concentrated nitric acid and is completely dissolved into the acid solution, making a blue colored solution of copper nitrate. Visit Site
● First Law LAB - Group 1 mixing in zip lock bag Visit Site
● Fisst Law LAB - Group 2 mixing in zip lock bag Visit Site
● First Law LAB - Group 3 mixing in zip lock bag Visit Site
● Ch 3 - Particulate Nature of Matter - Part 1 - questions 1-7 - Vid to help you understand  Visit Site
● Ch 3 - Particulate Nature of Matter - Part 2 - questions - last 4 questions - Vid to help you understand Visit Site
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