Acceptable Use Policy for Computers in Mr. Wigger’s Class


 I.       Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of all students provided use of computer equipment and Internet access to understand and follow these policies.  The abbreviation GUSD will hereinafter be construed to mean Glendale Unified School District.


II.     Core concepts:

A.     Rights and Responsibilities: Computers and networks can provide access to resources in and outside the GUSD computer network, as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. Such open access is a privilege and requires that individual users act responsibly.

B.     All existing laws (federal and state) and GUSD regulations and policies apply, including not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct.

C.     Users do not own accounts on GISD computers, but are granted the privilege of exclusive use. Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (Title 18 U.S.C. section 2510 et. seq.), users are entitled to privacy regarding information contained on these accounts. This act, however, allows system administrators or other GUSD employees to access user files in the normal course of their employment when necessary to protect the integrity of computer systems or the rights or property of the GUSD. For example, system administrators may examine or make copies of files that are suspected of misuse or that have been corrupted or damaged. User files may be subject to search by law enforcement agencies under court order if such files contain information, which may be used as evidence in a court of law. In addition, student files on GUSD computer facilities are considered “educational records” under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Title 20 U.S.C. section 1232[g]).

D.     Misuse of computing, networking or information resources may result in the loss of computing and/or network/Internet access. Additionally, misuse can be prosecuted under applicable statues. Users may be held accountable for their conduct under any applicable GUSD procedure, or collective bargaining agreement. Illegal production of software and other intellectual property protected by U.S. copyright law is subject to civil damages and criminal punishment including fines and imprisonment.

E.      Other organizations operating computing and network facilities that are reachable via the GUSD network may have their own policies governing the use of those resources. When accessing remote resources from GUSD, users are responsible for obeying both the policies set forth in this document and the policies of the other organizations.

F.      Users of county owned and operated information systems must respect the privacy of other users and the integrity of those systems; for example, users shall not seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data or passwords belonging to other users unless explicitly authorized to do so by those users. Nor shall they intentionally develop programs that harass other users. Nor shall they infiltrate a computer or information system and/or damage or maliciously alter the software components of a computer or information system.

G.     County users must comply with copyright laws and license agreements.

H.     The following warning is in effect for all computer or information systems owned and operated by the Glendale Unified School District Superintendent of Schools Office.


This Computing System is the property of the Glendale Unified School District Superintendent of Schools Office. Any unauthorized access or use of this computing system is prohibited and could be subject to criminal and civil penalties. To help protect the system from unauthorized use and to assist in problem diagnosis and repair, activities on this system are monitored, recorded and subject to audit. Use of this system implies consent to such monitoring and recording.


I.         Our classroom obtains its Internet connection from the the GISD network and is subject to GUSD’s  Acceptable Use Policies. Our classroom is simply granted  authorized use only.  Anyone using the network consents to monitoring and is advised that, if the monitoring process reveals evidence of criminal activity, GUSD might provide the content and transmission details to law enforcement and national defense agencies as appropriate. In the course of network maintenance or performance monitoring, the activities of individuals using the network may be monitored. Individuals found to be using the network in excess of their authority or contrary to this AUP are subject to having all of their activities on the network monitored and recorded to ensure subsequent compliance with policies and procedures.

J.        Unacceptable Uses:

i           Any illegal use of GUSD systems, or use in support of illegal activities is prohibited. Illegal use shall be defined as use that violates local, state and/or federal law. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Stalking others, transmitting or originating any unlawful, fraudulent or defamatory communications, transmitting copyrighted material beyond the scope of fair use without permission of the copyright owner, or any communications where the message or its transmission of distribution, would constitute or would encourage conduct that is a criminal offense.

ii          Activities that interfere with or disrupt network users, services, or equipment. Such interference or disruption includes, but is not limited to, distribution of unsolicited advertising or mass mailings, “spamming”, propagation of computer worms or viruses; and using GUSD systems to make or attempt to make unauthorized entry to other computational, informational or communications devices or resources. For the purpose of this AUP, “unsolicited advertising” includes any transmission that describes goods, products, or services, or by a third party retained by, affiliated with, or related to the vendor, providers, retailers, or manufacturer.

iii         Use in furtherance of profit-making activities (consulting for pay, sales or distribution of commercial products or services for profit, etc.) or use by for-profit companies, unless specifically authorized by the GUSD

iv.            Use in support of partisan political activities.

v.             Use for private or personal activities that exceed GUSD related research, instruction, or administrative applications, or when there is personal monetary gain.

vi.            Visiting pornographic, racist or otherwise objectionable Web sites.

 vii.         Any other use that is unacceptable or not in keeping with role, mission or goals of this organization as determined by the leadership of the Glendale Unified School District Superintendent of Schools Office.



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Acceptable Use Policy for Computers in

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I have read the Acceptable Use Policy for Computers in Mr. Wigger’s Class, which can be found on the web at Acceptable Use Policy for computers (AUP).   I fully understand this policy.  I/we understand that if there were anything that I/we did not understand, that I/we had the right to ask Mr. Wigger about it before signing this form.  I agree that these policies are important and that I will follow them whenever I use a computer in Mr. Wigger’s  classroom or when using any other computer to do work for this class.  




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