Homework 5/19 – 5/23/08 – WEEK 15


Week’s Overview of Homework – Biology




Homework Assignments

Std/Stamp or Turn It In/Due/Points

In Class






CST Testing Schedule –

                        NO 6th Period







If you do not complete this in class, it is due tomorrow as homework VPD – Day 5  (5 pts)

Start Homework – work in lab groups at the computers and get as far as you can on VPD – Day 5 on the computer.






VPD – Day 6  is due tomorrow before the lab starts.  If not done, no lab.  (5 pts)

Today we use VPD – Day 5 for our dissection to view the Reproductive and Respiratory systems of the pig.







Be sure to bring your Wkbk A tomorrow for classwork.  I will not be in class Friday.

Today we use VPD – Day 6  for our dissection to view the Reproductive and Respiratory systems of the pig.







No homework this weekend.  If you didn’t do VPD – Day 6, work on it this weekend and turn it in on Tuesday for half credit.

Wkbk A, Ch 38-2,  Bring pages 452-455 to complete in class (5 points)



Daily Details


5/19 – Mon

For the Fetal Pig Dissection – you will be responsible for the following:

1. Each individual will be responsible for labeled drawings of their activity in lab each day.  These drawings need to have your individual name on them, not your group.

2. All labels seen in the Virtual Pig Dissection (Whitman College) will be included in your lab practical.  You will need to not only identify each structure, but you will need to describe its function.

3. There will be an test at the end of the dissection days (5 days).  You will be responsible for labeling each part of the pig from pictures and understanding the function of each structure and part. (100 points)

4. There will be a practical exam where each lab group will be quizzed, one group at a time.  The answer of each member of the lab will be counted for or against all members of the group. (50 points)


Here are more virtual pig dissections with really good pictures.

Virtual Pig Dissection (Whitman College)  (this is the one were are using as a primary guide.

Virtual Pig Dissection (U. of Central Oklahoma – Biology Dept)  - pictures are excellent and exceptionally well done.  Very nice Power Point presentation can be downloaded and viewed on any computer even without the internet (after it is downloaded and brought over).  I strongly encourage you to make use of this one!

Virtual Pig Dissection (Clinton CC – New York)   pretty good, lots of pic that you can click to enlarge.


5/20 – Tue


5/21 – Wed


5/22 – Th


5/23 – Fri