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Semester 1 > Quarter 1 > Week 8 > 10/7/2019    

No Journal Today     Monday, 10/7/2019  
Lesson Plan / Objectives
  Today we did a HW call for 2 assignments: First Law Lab 10-step assignment; 2. Journals for 9/30, 10/2, and 10/3. We also started First Law Lab by weighing 2 filter papers, 1 qt zip lock bag, and 2 rubber bands. Bags were returned to Mr. Wigger with all items weighed and a list of the people in each group.

In Class Assignments
Homework Assignments
  1. Cornell Notes - p66-69 (3 titles - Mixtures, Types of Mixtures, and Separating Mixtures) - (5 pts)
    Oral Rep: Wed, Oct 09 5pts Std: 6f
Oral Report / Turned In
  1. Oral Rep: Write journals for 9/30, 10/2, and 10/3 (3 pts, 1/ea journal)
    Assigned: Thu, Oct 03 3pts Std:
  2. Turn In: You are to write a procedure with at least 10 steps. Use my videos & still pics to help you understand what you will be doing. Also, I send you a reminder that included this link Pics & vids of lab
    Assigned: Fri, Oct 04 5pts Std:
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Oral Report/Turned In Rep


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