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11/19/2019 This link will take you directly to the animation I showed in class today. It is an excellent way to see "quantum jumps" and understand what you saw through your "glasses" we used to see the spectra from 3 different elements.

For this simulation to work you must have Java installed and allow the animation to run when you get the prompt to do that.
PhET simulation for element lights
10/24/2019 Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment Rutherford experiment
10/22/2019 Link for PhET animation Build an Atom Build an Atom
10/11/2019 Link for First Law RUBRIC RUBRIC - First Law Lab
10/11/2019 First Law Lab sheet - we will be copying parts of this for the formal write-up First Law Lab Sheet
5/29/2019 Link for Chemtoddler - chromate/dichromate equiulibrium Equilibrium Link 1
5/29/2019 Link for "fish tank" equilibrium Equilibrium Link 2
5/29/2019 Mark Seigel equilibrium expression problems for practice Equilibrium Practice
5/20/2019 Survey rergarding harmful substances Survey re harmful substances
4/29/2019 Here is the direct link for the ChemThink Tutorial leading directly into the Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions ChemThink Link to Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions
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