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Chapter 6: The Periodic Table and Periodic Law

Ch 6.3 Periodic Trends

●     Periodic Trends by period or group - interactive (USC) Visit Site
●     Electronegativity - video showing role electronegativity plays in ionic & covalent bond formation, as well as the relative sizes of the ions as they gain or lose their valence electrons. Visit Site
●     Reactivity trends in alkali metals with Brainacs (You Tube) Visit Site

Periodic Tables

●     Periodic Chart (Lentech) - gives excellent info on all elements as you click on them. Visit Site
●   Periodic Table from Play with this charge and you will learn everything you need to know about periodic trends and organization of the periodic chart. This chart is very interactive. Visit Site
●     Periodic Table from TEDEd. Clicking on element gives a VIDEO on the element. Great for PROJECTS ON ELEMENTS!!! Visit Site
●     Periodic Table from Show orbital shapes, groupings on chart for metal/non-metal and many additional groupings. Wonderful chart found by a student. Visit Site
●   Periodic table from Royal Society of Chemistry. Click to get any group or period. Can click for metals, non-metals, lanthanides, actinides. Visit Site


● Element Song - all elements, by Tom Lehrer, show symbol as it is sung, going to correct place on the chart. Visit Site
● Element Song - all elements, by Tom Lehrer animated characters, done live to audience.  Visit Site
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