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Chapter 15: Solutions

Section 15.1 What are solutions?
  1. 5/1/2018 Cornell Notes Modified, p452-455 - notes and summaries for:
        1 Solutions - What you'll learn & Why It's Important
        2 What are Solutions?
        3. Characteristics of solutions
        4. Solvation in Aqueous Solutions
        5. Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Cmpds
    Notes & summaries should take about 1 page depending on the size of your writing.
  2. 5/2/2018 Cornell Nts Mod - p456-460
    Do notes and a summary for each of the sections below:
    1. Aqueous solutions of molecular compounds (non-metals only)
    2. Factors that affect rate of solvation
    3. Heat of solution
    4. Solubility
    5. Factors that affect solubility
    6. Temperature and solubility
    7. Pressure and solubility 8. Henry's Law
Section 15.2 Solution Concentration
  1. 5/3/2018 p463 8,9,10 AND p464 11,12,13 (6 problems)
  2. 5/4/2018 p465 14,15,16 AND p4865 76a,b,c (6 problems)
  3. 5/7/2018 Claculate mass% & molarity for the entire class based on the results in today's activity.
  4. 5/8/2018 Handout you got today for Mass% & Molarity Lab. Attach a separate sheet of paper when you calculate all other groups' calculations. Wheh your calculations are different from what other groups posted, circle your answer to show it is different.

    Handout with calculations and data for your solutions is page 1 of your lab. Your calculations for all other groups is stapled to your handout.
Section 15.3 Colligative Properties of Solutions
Section 15.4 Heterogeneous Mixtrues
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