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Chapter 10: Chemical Reactions

10.1 Reactions and Equations
evidence of chemical reactions
representing chemical reactions
Reactants, products, word equations, skeleton equations, chemical equations
balancing ehemical equations
coefficients, steps for balancing

10.2 Classifying Chemical Reactions
synthesis reactions, combustion reactions, decomposition
reactions, replacement reactions (single, double)

10.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
solutes, solvent, aqueous solution, complete ionic equation, net ionic equation, spectator ions, aqueous solutions precipitation ( mostly double replacement ), form water ( acid base ), form gases

Section 10.1 Reactions and Equations
  1. 2/4/2019 Balance Equations II - work all problems (15 + challenge problem = 16) - Directions - copy all problems onto a separate sheet of paper. However, you don't need to cite any sources, just copy the skeleton equation and balance them.
Section 10.2 Classifying Chemical Reactions
  1. 2/7/2019 Print the Solubility Lab directions and Data Sheet
  2. 2/13/2019 LINK - modified Solubility Chart and student results
  3. 2/12/2019 Answer Conclusion questions (2 of them) directly on the front side (or if you printed it yourself on the first page) of your lab sheet. The conclusion questions will count as 5 of the 20 pts for this lab.
  4. 2/22/2019 LINK - Reaction types abbreviations and AB defined
Section 10.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
  1. 2/19/2019 Predict if PPT's will form with: 1w2, 1w9, 3w8, 5w7, 6w11
    Complete equations, but no need to balance the skeletons you create. Identify the rule # for PPT and rule # for no PPT products, same as for today's CW (see on-line examples in today's whitebboard)
  2. 2/21/2019 p. 294 33,34,35,36,37 (5 pts, due end of period) (for complete complete explanations of 33, 34, 35, & 36, see video links below)
  3. 2/22/2019 p. 294 38,39,40,41,42 - must do balanced skeleton, complete ionic, and net ion equations as shown in class.
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