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11/8/2017 PhET - build an atom PhET - Build an Atom
11/3/2017 Periodic chart that shows structure of the atoms for first 12 elements Periodic Chart
11/2/2017 Animation from PhET on Waves PhET on waves
11/2/2017 LINK - prints lab sheets - Wave Mechanical Mechanical View of the Hydrogen Atom -
    page 1 (directions, recording of drops, questions to answer)
    page 2 (target must be stapled to page 1 - no target, no pts)
Link to print Lab Sheets
11/2/2017 VIDEO LINK how to do the write-up for the lab How to complete your lab
p126 7-10 and 12 a,b,c
      QUESTION 12 will require the use of p120 Electromagnetic Spectrum.
10/27/2017 Advice for doing your best on Quiz Ch 4,3,2 on Monday:

1. Go to "Learning Center" > "Quiz / Test Reviews" to get copies of Quiz Reviews for Ch 2, Ch 3,2 and Ch 4,3,2 Practice Quizzes. They all have answers available. Anything that you don't understand, you can try working the problems and/or looking in your text for background.
2. Whatever you plan to do to prepare for Monday, break it into 3 parts. Do part 1 (30 min - 2 hrs, depending on your requirements) Friday, Part 2 on Saturday, Part 3 on Sunday. If you observe the Sabbath on Sat or Sunday, you can only spread out the load to 2 of the 3 days so you won't break the Sabbath. 3. Do your study sessions early in the morning on each day.

My promise to each of you:

You will enjoy your "break" for the next 3 days 2x as much! They time you are relaxing for the remainder of each day will be really relaxing and enjoyable.This really works!!!
10/26/2017 Practice Quiz Ch 4,3,2 - given as handout Wed 10/25 Pract Quiz Ch 4,3,2
10/26/2017 Practice Problems for Radioactive Decay given as handout Wed 10/25 Pract. Radio. Decay
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