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Chapter 10: Chemical Reactions

Balancing Equations Ch 10.1

●     Interactively balance equations on blackboard (Dr. Yeu-Ling Wong tutorial) Visit Site
●     Chembalancer game - learning made easy for balancing equations Visit Site
●     Tutorial on Chemical Equations and balancing them (Visionlearning) Visit Site
● A Beginner's Guide to Balancing Equations - truly big help for beginners. He goes through balancing but uses great graphics for showing the individual molecules of reactants (left side of equation) and products (right side of equation) Visit Site

Classify Reactions Ch 10.2

●     Animation of acid-base neutralization reaction - formation of water (USC) Visit Site
●     Interactive applet lets you check 3 different solutions for formation of precipitates (McGraw-Hill) Visit Site
●     Classification of reactions explained with examples & quizzes for practice (Sci Help On-Line) Visit Site
●     Thermite vs car (Brainiacs on You Tube) Visit Site

Ox / Redox Reactions Ch 10.2

●     Thermite Reaction Demonstration (Mr. Wigger's class - MOVIE (on You Tube) – 45 sec, 11.1 MB)  Visit Site
●     Thermite demo done on an iron skiller Visit Site
●     Thermite movie with 6 pics afterwards + step through movie 23 frames at a time, well done. Visit Site
●     Thermite demo - stills, descriptions, video (3/4 of the way down the page, click picture on right side - cool page Visit Site
●     Animation of H2 reacting with O2 to form H2O (VisionLearning) Visit Site
●     Thermite - 1/2 ton ignited on top of a car (YouTube) Visit Site

Solubility Ch 10.3

●     Test yourself on the solubility rules with this interactive applet (USC) Visit Site
●     Sodium Acetate precipitation - awesome U-Tube video Visit Site
● Great video demo of several precipitation reactions in testtubes. Colors turn out great. Visit Site

Wigger Vids

● Completing and balancing chemical equations - Part 1 - show how to complete a chemical equaton and balance it. The Lab Solubility of Some Ionic Compounds is where the reactants come from.  Visit Site
● Completing and balancing chemical equations - Part 2 - continues with more 2 more example problems. Visit Site
● Ionic and net-ionic equations, how to write them and their subscripts - Part-2 - Continues Part 1 with 2 more example problems Visit Site
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