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11/8/2018 ChemThink - Molecular Shapes - direct link ChemThink - Molecular Shapes
1/16/2018 PhET Simulation for Molecular Shapes PhET - Molecular Shapes Sim
#4 on your handout "Chemistry - First day’s assignment Fall 2010 (file MISC)"
Help for solving p. 29 1-3
Questions on ------- Density = mass (g) / volume (mL which is same as cm3)
1. They give you both mass (147g) and volume (difference between 20mL and 41mL).
2. They give you Density and g. Plug those numbers in to density formula to find volume (cm3
3. They give you g and cm3. Plug those into the density formula and find density.
      Then compare to density given in Table C on p. 914. Find the density of aluminum. If your density is close to aluminum, it will be pure Al, if not, it is not pure Al.
1/9/2018 ChemThink - Molecular Shapes link - go to 2nd row of sims, far left ChemThink - Molecular Shapes
12/14/2017 Link for PhET simulation on Building Molecules PhET simulation Molecular Shapes
12/13/2017 LINK - ChemThink - Molecular Shapes ChemThink - Molecular Shapes
12/13/2017 LINK - ChemThink - Covalent Bonding Covalent Bonding Link
12/13/2017 LINK - ChemThink - Ionic Bonding ChemThink - Ionic Bonding
12/8/2017 LINK for ChemThink - Covalent Bonding ChemThink - Covalent Bonding
12/6/2017 RUBRIC for Notebook 3 - 205 points RUBRIC for NB 3
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