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Chapter 10: Chemical Reactions

10.1 Reactions and Equations
evidence of chemical reactions
representing chemical reactions
Reactants, products, word equations, skeleton equations, chemical equations
balancing ehemical equations
coefficients, steps for balancing

10.2 Classifying Chemical Reactions
synthesis reactions, combustion reactions, decomposition
reactions, replacement reactions (single, double)

10.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
solutes, solvent, aqueous solution, complete ionic equation, net ionic equation, spectator ions, aqueous solutions precipitation ( mostly double replacement ), form water ( acid base ), form gases

Section 10.1 Reactions and Equations
  1. 2/13/2018 Ch 10 Practice Quiz - 20 q's
Section 10.2 Classifying Chemical Reactions
  1. 2/13/2018 Ch 10 Practice Quiz - 20 q's
Section 10.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
  1. 1/30/2018 Balancing Chemical Equations - handout for today - I worked 6 problems in one of the links below, and you are to balance the rest of the equations.
  2. 2/7/2018 VIDEO LINK - Explanation in lecture portion of today's lesson
  3. 2/7/2018 VIDEO LINK - several questions from tonight's homework are given with explanation as to why they are what they are
  4. 2/8/2018 VIDEO LINK - today's demonstration of silver nitrate reacting with potassium chloride. This links take you direct to a gallery with 3 items
  5. 2/8/2018 VIDEO LINK - 3 of your homework problems are show completely. If you don't need explanations, just fast forward, but do watch this video. I explain 3 of your HW problems. If you already understand you can fast forward through most of it.
  6. 2/8/2018 VIDEO LINK - explains how to do tonight's homework, using the example in the demo of mixing silver nitrate with potassium chloride. Skeleton, balanced skeleton, complete ionic, and net ionic equations are explained
  7. 2/8/2018 Cornell Notes p292-294 (new modified type) & p294 33-37 USE THESE DIRECTIONS - Write skeleton, balance skeleton, write complete ionic eqn, write net ionic eqn
  8. 2/13/2018 Ch 10 Practice Quiz - 20 q's
  9. 2/9/2018 VIDEO LINK - several of your homework problems worked out for youi in detail. Also shows skeleton equations for all questions on page 299
  10. 2/9/2018 Write skeleton, balance, then write only net ionic equations for both pages - p296 38-42 and p299 43-46 (5 pts) 9 problems total. Follow patterns shown in class today, or watch videos linked below. See videos on this page (date 2/9)
  11. 2/9/2018 VIDEO LINK - background for doing homework for weekend
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