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Semester 2 > Quarter 3 > Week 9 > 3/6/2019    

No Journal Today     Wednesday, 3/6/2019  
Lesson Plan / Objectives

In Class Assignments
  1. p316 11 a,b,c,d (done exactly like last night's HW)
    Oral Rep: Wed, Mar 06 5pts
Homework Assignments
  1. p318 13 a,b,c,d,e
    Oral Rep: Fri, Mar 08 5pts Std: 3c, 3d
  2. VIDEO LINK - multiply & divide with significant figures by Tyler DeWitt, shown in class yesterday multiply & divide w Tyler DeWitt, includes Sig Figs
Oral Report / Turned In
  1. Oral Rep: p 316 12 a,b,c,d - format as shown in class
    Assigned: Tue, Mar 05 5pts Std: 3c, 3d
  2. Oral Rep: p316 11 a,b,c,d (done exactly like last night's HW)
    Assigned: Wed, Mar 06 5pts
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Oral Report/Turned In Rep


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