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Chapter 2: Data Analysis


●     Mathematics in Chemistry Visit Site
●     Using Your Calculator Visit Site
●     Converting units of measure - the "1" concept Visit Site
●   UNIT CANCELLATION tutorial. Excellent for beginners to dimensional analysis (unit calcellation). This is interactive and explains as you go step by step. EXCELLENT Visit Site


●     Density - Simple and Interactive Tutorial Visit Site
●     Density Problems - with Answers, interactive word problems(CSUDH) - Excellent Visit Site
●     Density problems interactive with answers,gives one question after another, but just one at a time, variables change(CSUDH) - Excellent Visit Site
●   Computer simulations on dropping balloons filled with one liquid into another liquid with different density. Visit Site


●     Triple Beam Balance, interactive reading mass Visit Site
●     Free conversion calculator to convert anything to anything Visit Site
List of helpful sites Visit Site

SI Base Units

●     SI Units - Explained with very comlete definitions, background of derivation, and more (NIST).  Visit Site

Significant Figures

●     Significan Figure practice, interactive, gives one question after another, but just one at a time. (CSUDH) Visit Site
●     Multiplication and division of sig figs is professionally demonstrated here (Video Chem Textbook) Visit Site
●     Addition and subtraction of sig figs professionally demonstrated (Video Chem Textbook) Visit Site

Wigger Vids

●     SI Base Units Explained (PART 1) - follows my tutorial by the same name, and covers the chart at the top of the page. Visit Site
●     SI Base Units Explained (PART 2) - follows my tutorial by the same name, and covers the bottom of the tutorial. SI Base Units are explained in more depth, and Derived Units are explained. Visit Site
●     Watch this Video - it was recorded during 6th period today 9/3/10. It will help you will SCIENTIFIC NOTATION and WORKING WITH POWERS OF 10. My apologies on not making the video take up the full screen. OOPS! Visit Site
●     Here is your video on Density Problems - Calculations with Grids - 1. This goes through 3 problems showing you all the steps and how to show your work.  Visit Site
●     4-Beam Balance Scale> - This video demonstrates how to read a 4-beam Balance Scale Visit Site
●   Add, subtract, multiply, divide powers of 10 Visit Site
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