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Standard Forms

A - Notebook & Grades
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Notebook Cover - Template (may take a long time to download)   
California State Standards for Chem   
Notebook - Organization as of 8/18/17   
A-Z Homework
These directions must be followed for all homework this year except when I give you different directions   
B - Conversion & Density
Conversion Units of Measure   
Grams to Moles to Atoms - handwritten    
Grams to Moles to Atoms - comprehensive   
Conversion Units & Prefixes (BIGGER)   
C - Orbitals & PEL
Orbitals on Periodic Chart w order of filling chart   
How Electrons fill Orbitals and their Sublevels   
How Electrons Fill Sublevels and their Orbitals   
Orbital Diagram chart - large demo version.   
Principal Energy Level organization - upside-down triangle   
PEL Table - summary of organization   
Orbital Filling Diagram Chart - helps figure Orbital Diagrams and Electron Configurations (from Taylorson).   
Periodic Chart - Standard Type   
D - Ion Stuff
Ion Names & Formulas (all)   
Ions & Acids to Memorize   
Ions & Acids to memorize - HELP sheet   
Ion Formation - Na, Cl & H   
Solubility Chart - for common ionic compounds   
Solubility Chart - SIMPLIFIED   
E - Miscellaneous
Electronegativity & Bond Types (note: PDF is higher quality)   
Heating Curve for Water - Changes of State (note: PDF is much higher quality)   
Science Notebook   
Solving Problems - A Chemistry Handbook   
Textbook on-line - complete, but slower. Chrome doesn't work. USE Internet Explorer   
Textbook incomplete but fast Click here    
LeChatelier format for solving shift problems   
G - Discipline
Sentences - simple discipline   
Parent Letter - HW NOT DONE   
Ha - For credit on Make-up HW that was Stamped
Watch video on printing Stamped/Turned in Rpt - Make-ups   
Hb - For credit on Make-up HW in Gradebook
Print & complete if Grades Posted Wrong in gradebook or if turning in make-up work in gradebook.   
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