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Chapter 19: Acids and Bases

Section 19.1 Acids and Bases: An Introduction
  1. 6/2/2020 p596 1abcd
    All skeleton equations are in PDF file below (last line) along with fun videos that let you see all reactions in this assignment.
  2. 6/2/2020 LINK - Watch vids of all of the reaction you have in your homework problems. Really nice and really short. This also has skeleton equations for all of your homework problems.
Section 19.2 Strengths of Acids and Bases
  1. 6/4/2020 p599 2abcd
    Your style of answering the questions should be like the diagram in the middle of page 599. The link below should be used if it doesn't make sense to you. Start this video at 15 minutes and watch to the end. You'll be glad you did.
Section 19.3 What is pH?
  1. 6/8/2020 VIDEO LINK 1 - pH pOH Part 1 - with chart p611
  2. 6/8/2020 VIDEO LINK 2 - pH pOH Part 2 - with chart p611
  3. 6/8/2020 VIDEO LINK 3 - pH pOH Part 3 - with chart p611 pH, pOH, [H]1+, [OH]1-
Section 19.4 Neutralization
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