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Chapter 4: The Structure of the Atom

Atomic Theories

●     Dalton's Atomic Theory Visit Site
●     Great animations of Cathode Ray Tube (used by JJ Thompson to discover electrons) and Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiations through electric fields (McGraw-Hill) Visit Site
●     Audio recording of JJ Thompson discussing his discovery of the electron Visit Site
●     Rutherford nuclear atom applet and plumb pudding models, interactive. Shows particles being deflected and bouncing back, & that they never actually touch (PhET) Visit Site
● Animations available from WW Norton Visit Site


●     Structure of the Atom - very comprehensive, covers almost entire chapter - Webelements Visit Site
●   Bill Nye - Structure of the Atom 2/2 Visit Site
●   Bill Nye - Structure of the Atom 1/2 Visit Site
●     PhET - Build an atom - very elegant, deals with ions, isotopes, and shows Bohr and Schroedenger/DeBroglie atom models.  Visit Site
●     PhET - Build an Atom - Suitable for WIN XP Visit Site


●     Radioactive Decay and Half-life (Learning On-Line Network) Visit Site

Racioactive Decay

●     3 types of Radioactive Decay Visit Site
●     Radioactive Decay – discussion & tutorial on radioactivity – ( Boston U.) Visit Site

Shielding & Penetration

●     Shielding from radioactivity, uses Geiger Counter and tests kleenex tissue, Al and Pb to demo penetration of radiation from 3 radioactive elements:   Pu-239 (alpha), Sr-90 (beta), and Ra-262 (gamma) . Visit Site
●  Simple vid (30 sec) showing absorption of alpha, beta, & gamma radiation by paper, aluminum, & lead Visit Site

Songs - Vids

●   Discovery of the nucleus, Neutron, and splitting of the atom - video  Visit Site
●   Discovery of the electron - video Visit Site
●   Atom song (who, what, when) - wmv file Visit Site
● Atom Song - all elements, Tom Lehrer original, cartoons added for interest, and pics of samples of each element. Visit Site
● Atom Song - all elements, Tom Lehrer - shows symbols going to the chart as he sings. Visit Site
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