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Changes and additions you need to know about

DateAnnouncementsPage Location
10/24/2019 Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment Rutherford experiment
10/22/2019 Link for PhET animation Build an Atom Build an Atom
10/11/2019 Link for First Law RUBRIC RUBRIC - First Law Lab
10/11/2019 First Law Lab sheet - we will be copying parts of this for the formal write-up First Law Lab Sheet
5/29/2019 Link for Chemtoddler - chromate/dichromate equiulibrium Equilibrium Link 1
5/29/2019 Link for "fish tank" equilibrium Equilibrium Link 2
5/29/2019 Mark Seigel equilibrium expression problems for practice Equilibrium Practice
5/20/2019 Survey rergarding harmful substances Survey re harmful substances
4/29/2019 Here is the direct link for the ChemThink Tutorial leading directly into the Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions ChemThink Link to Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions
4/23/2019 Link for ChemThink at Simbucket Link to Simbucket Simulations
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