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Changes and additions you need to know about

DateAnnouncementsPage Location
11/14/2018 Link - TED Ed Periodic Table TED Ed Periodic Table
11/14/2018 LINK - Click Science Periodic Table Click Science Periodicd Table
11/14/2018 LINK - Ptable Periodic Table Ptable Periodic Table
11/8/2018 Orbital Rules Filling Song Orbital Filling Rules Song
11/8/2018 This is the RUBRIC for NB 2 RUBRIC for NB 2
11/6/2018 Wave Mechanical Lab - This link will take you to the lab sheet to help you remember what we learned about in this lab Wave Mechanical Lab
11/3/2018 Here is the link for your Notebook, which is ude Wed 11/7/18 RUBRIC for NB 2
10/22/2018 Animation of Wave from PhET PhET Wave Animation
10/4/2018 Cathode Ray Tube animation at WW Norton CRT Animation
10/4/2018 PhET has many simulations that help you understand Chemistry. This link takes you to Build an Atom Build an Atom
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