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Chapter 13: States of Matter

This is a picture of a really creepy guy with a sword that looks like Hamlet. So perhaps it has to do with relating his state of mind "To be or not to Be" with states of matter

13.1 Gases
Kinetic-molecular theory, particle size, elastic collision, temperature, diffusion, Graham’s Law of Effusion (smaller molecules of gas diffuse faster)
Rate of Effusion: alpha * (molar mass)-1/2

pressure, barometer, pascal ( Pa, kPa ), atmosphere ( atm ), torr = mmHg,
Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
    Ptotal = P1 + P2 + P3 + . . .
particle energy (kinetic energy or KE)
      KE = ½ mv2
Density of gas is low, can be compressed, Gas pressure, barometer

Section 13.1 Gases
  1. 4/12/2018 Cornell Notes Mod. - p388-392 and p392 - 4,5,6 (3 pts notes, 2 pts for problems) notes have 4 sections, ea with notes & summary.
  2. 4/9/2018 Cornell Notes Mod, p384-386 - notes and summaries for: 1 What you'll learn, 2 Why it's important, 3 Gases, 4 Kinetic Molecular Theory (this is the big one. Notes & summaries should take 3/4 page depending on the size you write.
  3. 4/27/2018 Practice Quiz Ch 13.1,14.1,14.2,14.3 - Questions Evens only (14 problems)
  4. 4/30/2018 Ch 13.1, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 Pract. Quiz - ODDS ONLY
Section 13.2 Forces of Attraction
Section 13.3 Liquids and solids
Section 13.4 Phase Changes
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