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5/30/2018 Computer simulation of using pH paper pH paper simulation
5/29/2018 LeChat - 3 stressors How to do LeChat shifts
5/29/2018 How to do LeChat Shifts given stressors 3 Stressors - How to do Shifts
5/26/2018 Here is you link for the NB 3 RUBRIC RUBRIC NB 3
5/23/2018 Proton Transfer in water Proton Transfer in water
5/23/2018 Student animation of Bronsted Lowry proton transfer Proton transfer animation Bronsted-Lowry style
5/14/2018 Interactive heating Curve for water Interactive Heating Curve for water
5/10/2018 Can't find lab results for your period? Take this link. It's not in the whiteboard any more. Lab results for all periods
5/8/2018 These are directions on how to show you what your write-up should look like for each group you calculate results for in your class How to calculate Mass % and Molarity
4/30/2018 Notebook 2 will be due on Thursday 5/3/18. I've given you a detailed account of every assignment that is being counted in the Notebook 2 grading. You have until Thursday to get it together properly. It is 169 points! RUBRIC NB 2
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