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Changes and additions you need to know about

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10/4/2018 Cathode Ray Tube animation at WW Norton CRT Animation
10/4/2018 PhET has many simulations that help you understand Chemistry. This link takes you to Build an Atom Build an Atom
10/4/2018 Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment
9/25/2018 Study Guide for Ch 3 is now on-line. You can use this link, or go to today's HW page for the link. Study Guide for Ch 3 Quiz
9/17/2018 First Law Lab - formal write-up directions and RUBRIC TO BE INCLUDED AS FIRST 2 PAGES OF WRITE-UP. First Law Lab RUBRIC
9/17/2018 This is the Word version of the LAB - First Law of Chemistry (your handout I gave you for the lab last week). This is the Word version that will download as a Word Document and you can copy from it. LAB - First Law of Chemistry - LAB SHEET
9/14/2018 RUBRIC for Notebook 1. RUBRIC for Notebook 1
8/28/2018 Simulations to be used in computer lab today Simulator Links
5/30/2018 Computer simulation of using pH paper pH paper simulation
5/29/2018 LeChat - 3 stressors How to do LeChat shifts
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