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No Journal Today     Tuesday, 10/22/2019  
Lesson Plan / Objectives
  Students offered their answers to the worksheet passed out in class yesterday: Atomic Structure. Working with Chromebooks we used the PhET HTML5 animation to practice putting protons, neutrons, and electrons into atoms.

In Class Assignments
  1. PhET Animation used in class today to build atoms with protons, neutrons and electrons. Also found out how atoms get their charges.
Homework Assignments
  1. Use PhET animation to show complete symbols for elements Be, Li, O, N, K, & F. Show atomic #, mass #, charge (if not zero). Use today's simulation used in class on Chromebooks. Build an Atom
    Oral Rep: Wed, Oct 23 5pts Std: 1e, 1h, 11g, 12k, 12n
Oral Report / Turned In
  1. Oral Rep: Atomic Structure worksheet Atomic Str worksheet
    Assigned: Mon, Oct 21 5pts Std: 1H, 12k, 12n
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