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10/19/2017 Here is a video made today of a student's lab being graded in front of class 1st Law Lab Write-up graded
10/19/2017 Here is another notebook grading that may be helpful to you. First Law Lab First Law Lab Grading
10/19/2017 First Law Lab - last recording of the grading of First Law Labs First Law Lab Grading
10/18/2017 Link to video to help you do your First Lab Formal Write-up Video link for how to do First Law Lab Write-up
10/17/2017 Notebook 2 RUBRIC is now on-line at this link. This notebook is now due on Friday 10/20 and is worth 87 points. RUBRIC NB 2
10/12/2017 First Law lab due Wed Oct 11th (45 pts)
10/3/2017 Chapter 2 & 3 will both be on tomorrow's quiz (60 pts). Test will not have anything after p74 - no Law of Definite Proportions, no Law of Multiple Proportions.
5/19/2017 LINK - Notebook 3 RUBRIC. Your notebooks will be collected next week, Tu 5/23 RUBRIC Notebook 3
5/19/2017 LINK - LeChatelier Problems - format for answers LeChat Probs - format 4 answers
5/9/2017 Here is a link for the video I made in 6th period today. It is a must watch for anyone who missed class today. Also, some of you who are not really solid on how to do Percent Yield problems would do well to review what we did today. Quiz Ch 11 & 12 is moved to Thursday 5/11. Video of Today's class essentials
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