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No Journal Today     Friday, 11/15/2019  Variety Show - JWPAC (7:00pm)
Lesson Plan / Objectives
  Today's new stuff was valence electrons (what they are and what they mean) and electron dot formulas. We started to review for Ch 4 & 5 Test

In Class Assignments
Homework Assignments
  1. p.147 30 (a,b,c,d),31,34,38,43,45,48,50,52,54,58-61 (15 q's) (5 pts)
    Oral Rep: Mon, Nov 18 5pts Std: 1h, 1i, 1j, 2e, 12d, 12e, 12g, 12l, 12n
Oral Report / Turned In
  1. Oral Rep: Write electron configurations for the following atoms:         106Sg,    78Pt,     85At,     91Pa,     52Te
    Assigned: Thu, Nov 14 5pts Std: 2e
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