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Chapter 13: States of Matter

Ch 13.1 - KMT

●     Kinetic Molecular Theory is demonstrated by this wonderful animation of diatomic gas molecules in a chamber separated by a thermally conductive wall (McDougal-Little - Classzone) Visit Site
  ●   Ideal Island is a short video that helps us understand why and Ideal Gas is ideal. Visit Site


●     Diffusion applet for diffusion of perfume Visit Site


●     Interactive applet effuses H2 or O2 for 30 sec Visit Site

Hydrogen Bonding

●     Hydrogen bonding animation w narration showing 3 H-bonded molecules. Also compares to boiling point in different groups (YouTube) Visit Site
●     Hydrogen Bonding animation w narration. Explaination of NOF and H requirement to have H-bonding and shows how water molecules group, first in liq. form then in solid crystals. (YouTube) Visit Site
●     Hydrogen Bonding - shows break and forming of hydrogen bonds between molecules (YouTube) Visit Site
●     Java Applet showing forming & breaking of H-bonds between 2 water molecules Visit Site

Wigger Vids

●   This is a description of important points demonstrated in a video on Kinetic Molecular Theory Visit Site
● Graham's Law of Effusion Part 1, differentces between diffusion and effusion shown along with the basic formula for Graham's Law. 2 different gas simulators are used during the discussion Visit Site
●   Graham's Law of Effusion - p. 878 #1, Part 2 of my 3 part series.  Visit Site
●     This is Part # 3 of my 4 part series on the Graham's Law of Effusion. p. 878 #2 from HW and shows how to square both sides of Graham's law to get solution. Visit Site
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