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Changes and additions you need to know about

DateAnnouncementsPage Location
5/20/2019 Survey rergarding harmful substances Survey re harmful substances
4/29/2019 Here is the direct link for the ChemThink Tutorial leading directly into the Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions ChemThink Link to Behavior of Gases tutorial and questions
4/23/2019 Link for ChemThink at Simbucket Link to Simbucket Simulations
4/18/2019 Chemthink - Behavior of Gases tutorial Chemthink - Behavior of Gases tutorial
4/17/2019 RUBRIC Notebook 2 - due Friday 4/17/19 RUBRIC NB 2
2/11/2019 LINK for Solubility Lab pics and videos Solubility Lab pics
1/31/2019 Here is a hot link for the NB1 RUBRIC. If you had trouble getting it from my txt, this will work for you. RUBRIC NB 1
1/25/2019 PhET Animation for polarity of bonds and molecules PhET on polarity
1/15/2019 Link for PhET simulation for molecular shapes PhET on Molecular Shapes
1/15/2019 Lab Sheet for ChemThink Covalent Bonding Link ChemThink Covalent Bonding Link
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