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No Journal Today     Wednesday, 11/20/2019  
Lesson Plan / Objectives

In Class Assignments
Homework Assignments
  1. Cornell Notes Ch 6, p. 151-153, 4 titles. These are the titles:
        1. Development of the Modern Periodic Table
        2. History of the Periodic Table's Development
        3. John Newlands
        4. Meyer, Mendeleev, and Moseley
    Oral Rep: Thu, Nov 21 5pts Std: 1b, 1c, 1f, 12d, 12l, 12n
Oral Report / Turned In
  1. Oral Rep: Start your Help Sheet for Test on Ch 14 & 15. See format4 in today's Whiteboard File. One side required, 2 sides optional
    Assigned: Mon, Nov 18 10pts Std:
  2. Oral Rep: Reminder that Help Sheet is due tomorrow after the quiz.
    Assigned: Tue, Nov 19 10pts Std:
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(required when you turn in work that is late for any reason)


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