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Chapter 18: Chemical Equillibrium


●     Animation - Equilibrium filling well & unfilling well w dirt (WW Norton) Visit Site
●     Equilib Applet - % complete slider (Collective) - calc K for 79% (equilibrium position), 40% and 90% Visit Site
● This is a lecture showing results of 3 equilibrium experments on the reactants & products of the Haber Process. All 3 equilibriums systems show same value of Keq as the same value Visit Site

LeChatelier's Principle

●     Animation of 3 systems - demos Le Chatelier (McGraw-Hill) - here you get to see 3 different interactive animations that show you what happens when concentration (amount of an ion or gas), temperature or pressure change and the effect they have on equilibria.  Visit Site
●     Equilibrium – molecular level animation of NO2 <----> N2O4 , can stop & start to get reaction (Shockwave)  Visit Site
●     Equilibrium – blue <---> red particles, can change temp and # of particles – Java applet - Berkeley  Visit Site
●     Equjilibrium – CoCl2 animation, watch equilibrium change (I State U)  Visit Site
●     chromate / dichromate equilibrium shift with HCl and NaOH back & forth - large beaker, repeated several times Visit Site
●     chromate / dichromate - simple lab in well plates, complete explanation - done by students (U-Tube) Visit Site
●     N2O4 <---> NO2 equilibrium demonstrated on YouTube, 1 min vid shows shifts both left and right. NO2 is brown and N2O4 is colorless. Visit Site
● Shows how to make N2O4 using conc nitric acid & Cu, then showing temp chg affecting equilib.(AlchemicalGarden on YouTube) Visit Site
● Show making CoCl2 equilib mix with NaCl + CoCl2 and then shows shif with temp chg  Visit Site
● Here is a great YouTube vid showing NO2 <---> N2O4 equilibrium changing - at the molecular level. Very well done. Visit Site
●   There are 2 great animations for LeChat in action on this link at Mr. Kent's Chem  Visit Site
●   This Equilibrium slider is wonderful to see how concentrations change when something is added or taken away (from Visit Site

pH Indicators

●     Movie of carbonic acid HCO31- Visit Site

Wigger Vids

●     Ch 18 - p574 prob 11a and 12a LeChat shifts from M changes and pressure changes Visit Site
LeChatelier's Principle 3 conditions that affect equilibrium - Part 1: concentration, pressure, temperature. Mr. Wigger narrates an animation from McGraw-Hill. Good for basic understanding of equilibria. Visit Site
LeChatelier's Principle 3 conditions that affect equilibrium - Part 2, continues part 1 and only shows the last conditon - temperature Visit Site
LeChatelier - logic, how to figure his shifts Part 1 - This is the first of a series of 3 videos designed to help you understand how LeChatelier will shift and equilibrium.  Visit Site
LeChatelier - logic, how to figure his shifts Part 2 - This is Part 2 of a 3 part video. For Zum equilib problems 33 a,b,c and 35 a,c,e complete solution logic is given. Visit Site
LeChatelier - logic, how to figure his shifts Part 3 - This is the last of this series and covers questions 36 a,c,e and 37-40 Visit Site
● LeChat overall logic summary to figure shifts - This video describes one piece of paper that summarizes everything you learned in all of the LeChatelier vides on this side. You be able to better visualize what you have learned. Visit Site
Le Chatelier Demo of CoCl2, changes from red (room temp or lower) to blue (hot water bath). Demo in Mr. Wigger's class.  Visit Site
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