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TestPointsDescriptionExam DateFiles
Quiz Ch 2 & Density Lab60 Use my on-line practice quiz (Computer Icon link) with 12 questions directly from the quiz you will be taking. The Glencoe practice quizzes (World Globe Link)and also very helpful.) Fri, Sep 09
Quiz Ch 3,260 Half of this Quiz will be on Ch 3, half will be Ch 2. My On Line Practice Quiz for Ch 3 (incl Ch 2); my Review; and On Line Practice Quizzes from Glencoe (link that looks like globe) Tue, Oct 04
Quiz Ch 4,3,260 Half of this Quiz will be on Ch 4, the rest will be on Ch 2 & 3. On-Line Practice Quiz for Ch 4 (incl Ch 2 & 3). On Line Practice Quizzes from Glencoe at this link: Wed, Oct 26
Ch 5,4,3,260 Chapter 5 - Quiz 2.1 Practice Quiz - Half of this test will be on Ch 5, the rest will be on Ch 2-4. There will be 2 density probs. requiring you to show calculations. Use both the Gloencoe on-line quizzes and the Practice Quiz I made to help you study: Wed, Nov 16
Ch 6 & 560 This quiz will cover Ch 6 and Ch 5.3 (Elect. Configs). Development, organization, and trends in the Periodic Chart are the main focus. Thu, Dec 01
Final S1150 Final Practice Quiz - Ch 2,3,4,5,6,8,9
Use the practice test (see icon to the right) and also use the on Line Practice Quizzes from Glencoe (World Globe link below)
Thu, Dec 15
Quiz Ch 960 This quiz will only include Ch 9 information. Tue, Jan 31
Quiz Ch 1060 Ch 10.1-10.3 Chemical Reactions Thu, Mar 16
Quiz Ch 1160 Ch 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, & 11.5
You may find the Glencoe on-line quizzes for every section of ever chapter, helpful as part of your test prep.
Wed, May 03
Quiz Ch 12 & 160 This quiz will have 20 questions. The on-line questions from Glencoe and the practice quiz from me (see link) will all be on this quiz. Study these over carefully. Thu, May 11
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