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Chapter 2: Data Analysis

Section 2.1 Units of Measure
1. Define SI base units for time, length, mass, and temperature.
2. Explain how adding a prefix changes a unit.
3. Compare the derived units for volume and density.

Section 2.2 Scientific Notation and Dimensional Analysis
1. Express numbers in scientific notation.
2. Use dimensional analysis to convert different units of measure.

Section 2.3 How reliable are measurements?
1. Define and compare accuracy and precision.
2. Use significant figures and rounding to reflect the certainty of data.
3. Use percent error to describe the accuracy of experimental data.

Section 2.1 Units of Measurement
  1. 8/17/2017 Finding HW on my website
  2. 8/17/2017 Video Link :
    Tyler DeWitt on unit cancellation basics. Take notes for background
  3. 8/18/2017 Practice Problems from whiteboard
          Given             Find       Equality
          25 in             ? feet       (12 in = 1 ft)
          68 m             ? cm       (100 cm = 1 m)
          5.5 qts       ? gallons   (4 quarts = 1 gal)
          92 mL           ? L           (1000 mL = 1 L
  4. 8/21/2017 4 problems given in today's whiteboard file can also be found by clicking this link. This is the page in the whiteboard file that has tonight's homework problems, along with you completed examples showing how I want you to do them. These problems are just like the problems we've been doing so far.
Section 2.2 Scientific Notation and Dimensional Analysis
  1. 8/17/2017 Unit Cancellation Basics
Section 2.3 How reliable are measurements?
Section 2.4 Representing Data
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