Memorize Ions Project - HELP (MISC)
Monotomic Ions   Polyatomic Ions   Acids  
H1+ hydrogen ion C2H3O21- acetate ion HC2H3O2 acetic acid
Al3+ aluminum ion NH41+ ammonium ion HCl hydrochloric acid
At 1- astatide ion CO32- carbonate ion HF hydrofluoric acid
B 3+ boron ion ClO31- chlorate ion HNO3 nitric acid
Ba 2+ barium ion ClO21- chlorite ion H3PO4 phosphoric acid
Be 2+ beryllium ion CrO42- chromate ion H2SO4 sulfuric acid
Br 1- bromide ion Cr2O72- dichromate ion    
Ca 2+ calcium ion OH- hydroxide ion    
Cl 1- chloride ion ClO1- hypochlorite ion    
Cs 1+ cesium ion NO31- nitrate ion    
F 1- fluoride ion ClO41- perchlorate ion    
Ga 3+ gallium ion PO43- phosphate ion    
In 3+ Indium ion SO42- sulfate ion    
I 1- iodide ion        
K 1+ potassium ion        
Li 1+ lithium ion        
Mg 2+ magnesium ion        
Na 1+ sodium ion        
O 2- oxide ion        
Po 2- polonide ion        
Rb 1+ rubidium ion        
Se 2- selenide ion        
Sr 2+ strontium ion        
Te 2- telluride ion        
Tl 3+ thallium ion        
remember - the charges on all the monotomic ions can
be figured by what column they are in
For groups 6 (16) and 7 (17) change the ending to  -ide when the atom forms an ion.
For groups 1, 2 & 3 (13)  use the name of the metal for the name of the ion.