How man makes a living


Wheat field


Gluten free bread

Loaf of wheat bread





Thailand farmers working a mine-free rice paddy

Rice patty in Thailand - harvesting


Rice field


Terraced rice field





Corn field



Commercial use of corn sold hot and spicy                                            courtesy



Fischer pest control ensures a pest free environment for your grocery business.




Everyone loves fruit




Fresh shrimp   courtesy



Palm trees give us oil and coconuts                                palm oil products


palm tree




Picture showing Chicks

                                    Chics Courtesy




Rooster  Courtesy


Picture showing Sheep in the Meadow

                                Sheep  Courtesy


Picture showing Flock of Sheep

                                    Sheep  Courtesy


Picture showing Cow

                                Cow Courtesy




Picture showing Porky the Pig

                                    Pig   courtesy



Picture showing Piggies

Piglets nursing courtesy


Picture showing Cattle

Cattle  courtesy


Picture showing Bull

Bull   courtesy


Picture showing Ayrshire  Cow

Cow   courtesy



alt="Picture showing Goat" v:shapes="_x0000_i1038">

Goat  courtesy